Barbecue, perhaps the most primitive form of human cooking, heats and dries air with food and puts it in a hot, dry place closer to the heat source.

In general, barbecue is the food on the fire (mostly meat) cooking to edible, so Taiwan has also called this barbecue; modern society, due to a variety of ways to use fire, barbecue methods are gradually diversified, the development of Out of all kinds of barbecue pits, barbecue, barbecue sauce, Qiqihar barbecue is the most famous barbecue. Barbecue itself has become a way of party entertainment or business people. Whether in Qiqihar or throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe, barbecue is usually small to the family, up to the school's collective activities as well as some corporate organizations, collective activities.

Baked oysters

Roasted scallops

Roast lobster

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